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Ohio Department of Aging Proposed Administrative Rules

RULE PROPOSALS open for public comments and questions

Before ODA files a rule proposal with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) to begin the legislature's rule-review process;we generally post the proposal on this web page in search of comments and questions. Your participation in this stage of the rule-development process is very important. We may revise the rule or business-impact analysis according to your suggestions.

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Comment Period Begins Comment Period Ends Rule Document Your Comments on Rule or BIA
July 3, 2014 July 20, 2014

Senior Dining (Older Americans Act Funds and Matching Funds)

Business Impact Analysis [explains the rule project] Revised on July 17, 2014

173-4-01 Introduction and definitions. [for rescission]

173-4-01 Introduction and definitions. [new]

173-4-02 Eligibility criteria. [for rescission]

173-4-02 Eligibility criteria. [new]

173-4-03 Enrollment process. [for rescission]

173-4-03 Enrollment process. [new]

173-4-04 Congregate nutrition program. [for rescission]

173-4-04 Senior dining programs for congregate settings. [new]

173-4-04.1 Home-delivered nutrition program. [for rescission]

173-4-04.1 Senior dining programs for home-delivered meals. [new]

173-4-04.2 Restaurant and grocery meal service. [for rescission]

173-4-04.2 Senior dining programs in alternative meal settings (restaurants and supermarkets). [new]

173-4-05 Meal service. [for rescission]

173-4-05 Meal requirements. [new]

173-4-05.1 Nutritional adequacy. [for rescission]

173-4-05.1 Meals and nutritional adequacy. [new]

173-4-05.2 Therapeutic meals. [for rescission]

173-4-05.2 Therapeutic meals. [new]

173-4-05.3 Alternative meals and meal types. [for rescission]

173-4-05.3 Non-therapeutic meal options. [new]

173-4-05.4 Medical food and food for special dietary use. [for rescission]

173-4-06 Nutrition consultation service. [for rescission]

173-4-06 Nutrition counseling. [new]

173-4-07 Nutrition education service. [for rescission]

173-4-07 Nutrition education. [new]

173-4-08 Nutrition health screening. [for rescission]

173-4-08 Nutrition health screening. [new]

173-4-09 Grocery shopping assistance service. [for rescission]

173-4-09 Grocery shopping assistance. [new]

173-3-06 Mandatory clauses.

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