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Some Ohioans are at increased risk when the mercury risesEven a mild summer can have a negative impact on vulnerable Ohioans

While this summer has seen unseasonably cool temperatures, some Ohioans, particularly children, older adults and others with chronic and respiratory medical conditions are at increased risk when the mercury rises. Daytime high temperatures around the state are projected to be in the low seventies to mid-eighties through the rest of August, but if we've learned anything about the weather in recent years, it's to expect the unexpected.

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Life in the BalanceKent State University symposium will offer a multidisciplinary view on falls

Kent State University is hosting "Life in the Balance: Fall Prevention from Multidisciplinary Perspectives" on Nov. 13, 2014, featuring internationally renowned scholars presenting leading-edge research and interventions on fall prevention in community, home and health serving settings. The conference is co-sponsored by the Ohio Department of Aging.

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Alive Inside"Alive Inside" comes to Ohio with Columbus premiere Sept. 4, 2014

"Alive Inside" is a film by Michael Rossato-Bennett that explores the power that music can have to reconnect people with dementia to the world around them. The film follows Dan Cohen, the founder and executive director of Music &ammp; Memory, a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of personalized music to improve the lives of the elderly and infirm. The film won the 2014 Sundance Audience Award and premieres in Ohio at the Drexel Theatre on Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014.

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Ohio State Fair Flash MobJoin us at the Ohio State Fair on July 29 and participate in two flash mobs!

The Ohio State Fair starts this week, but next Tuesday, July 29, is Senior day, with $4 admission for anyone age 60 or older. To celebrate the day, we have partnered with two great organizations to organize flash mobs to highlight the many ways Ohioans are living well beyond 60! Columbus-based Vaud-villities will lead the first flash mob at noon in front of the Celeste Center. Here's a tutorial video to help you learn the steps and get ready to join in:

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Senior Day at the Ohio State FairPlan to join us for Senior Day at the Ohio State Fair

Mark your calendars and plan to join us for Senior Day at the Ohio State Fair on Tuesday, July 29, 2014. Admission is just $4 for those age 60 or older. Visit the STEADY U Ohio Expo and learn from interactive displays and knowledgeable experts about what you can do to prevent falls for yourself or a loved one. Enjoy the free "Sinatra Forever Tribute" concert at 1, and stay for the Beach Boys and America at 7:30 (separate ticket purchase required).

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Elder Mobility: New Solutions for CommunitiesElder Mobility: New Solutions for Ohio Communities

Transportation connects us to family and friends. It helps us participate in daily activities that enhance our quality of life, as well as access resources that are essential to our health and well-being. As our population ages and the number of older drivers increases, the safety of every driver and passenger on Ohio roadways becomes an increasing concern.

Age alone does not determine someone's ability to drive safely. Safe driving involves knowledge and experience, as well as physical and cognitive ability.

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From Choice to Voice: Ohio State Plan on Aging FFY 2015-2018Help shape Ohio's plan to stay on the leading edge of innovation

The federal Older Americans Act (OAA) requires the Ohio Department of Aging to submit periodic plans that establish our strategic framework for delivering OAA services in our state. OAA services in Ohio include nutrition programs, disease prevention and health promotion, supportive services, caregiver support, civic engagement and other special projects.

We are seeking public review and feedback on our draft state plan for federal fiscal years 2015-2018. This plan is built on the fact that we can't meet the needs of our growing and changing aging population by simply doing the same things better. Innovation is a must.

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A Matter of BalanceMaster trainers ready to reduce the fear of falling among older Ohioans

Older Ohioans should not be limited by the fear of falling. Falling is not a normal part of aging and most falls can be prevented. Yet, it is not an exaggeration to call falls among older adults an epidemic in Ohio. Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits, hospitalizations and deaths for Ohioans age 65 and older.

A significant risk factor for falls is the fear of falling. When someone is afraid of falling, he might limit his activity or change his behavior in ways that actually increase his chances of falling.

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Putting Pressure on Glaucoma

The Ohio Department of Aging is a proud partner in Ohio's Aging Eye Public Private Partnership. The number of Ohioans experiencing vision loss due to glaucoma is on the rise. According to a study in 2012 by Prevent Blindness, the number of Ohioans age 40 and older suffering from open-angle glaucoma increased by 15 percent.

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can damage the eye's optic nerve, resulting in vision loss and blindness. Glaucoma occurs when the normal fluid pressure inside the eyes slowly rises. With early treatment, you can often protect your eyes against serious vision loss.

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War Era Story ProjectRemembering WWII - War Era Story Project

This and every Memorial Day, Ohio and the nation honor the men and women who died in the United States Armed Forces. Their sacrifices - and that of those who continue to serve - helped secure the freedoms we enjoy today and must not be forgotten.

In 2012, we embarked on an effort to preserve some of the memories of and about Ohioans who lived through one of the most trying times in American history. The result is the War Era Story Project, a collection of nearly 250 personal stories of courage, perseverance and triumph.

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Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of FameMeet the 2014 Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame

The Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame recognizes the important roles that our elders can play when they continue to grow, thrive and contribute throughout their lives. True Golden Buckeyes are not defined by their age, they are inspired by it. This year's honorees have helped Ohio prepare for its growing and changing aging population, are recognized as leaders in their fields, and have bolstered their community and their state through their good works.

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Healthy U: Better Choices. Better Health.Free online workshop for Ohioans with chronic disease

Living with arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, or another chronic condition? We have teamed with the National Council on Aging to bring you Better Choices, Better Health, a FREE online workshop. Log in from your own computer for just two hours a week and learn how to reduce pain, eat well and talk with your doctors so you can live healthier.

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Turning 65 This Year? Learn Medicare BasicsTurning 65 This Year? Learn Medicare Basics

Are you one of the nearly 150,000 Ohioans who will celebrate their 65th birthdays this year?

If so, you will become eligible for Medicare and will likely have questions about your health care benefits. You will face a dizzying array of choices: Which prescription drug plan is right for you? Should you choose traditional Medicare coverage or a Medicare Advantage plan? Do you need a Medicare supplemental plan, or "gap" coverage?

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Ohioans urged to prepare for themselves and older loved onesWinter Storm Alert - Feb. 4, 2014

This evening into tomorrow morning, much of Ohio will be impacted by a winter storm bringing with it a range of wintry precipitation, from heavy accumulations of snow in some parts of the state, to a mixture of rain, snow and ice in other regions. Walking and driving conditions are expected to deteriorate quickly beginning this afternoon in most parts of our state. Ice and snow accumulations could also lead to power outages.

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Take a Stand Against Falls: Protect Your Health, Independence - Life!Take a Stand Against Falls: Protect Your Health, Independence - Life!

You undoubtedly know an older Ohioan who has fallen. A parent. A grandparent. Your spouse. Perhaps yourself.

Falls among adults age 65 and older in Ohio are an epidemic.

Bonnie K. Burman, Sc.D.During the time it takes you to read this column an older Ohioan will fall. By the time you finish reading this newspaper, an Ohio elder will end up in a hospital emergency room as a result of injuries sustained in a fall. And by the end of the day, three Ohio elders will die from their injuries.

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