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Thank you for your interest. However, the survey is now closed.

Dear Older Ohioans and Caregivers:

The Ohio Department of Aging is conducting the 2017 Statewide Needs Assessment Survey to collect Ohioans’ opinions and better understand what matters most to our residents. Perspectives shared through the survey will be combined and put to immediate use as we draft Ohio’s 2019-2022 State Plan on Aging.  The four-year State Plan will guide the programs and services for Ohio’s older adults. 

Stephanie Loucka, Director of the Ohio Department of AgingThe survey allows you to respond anonymously. It consists of easy-to-answer multiple-choice questions and should take about 15 minutes to complete. Topics that are included in the survey are:

  • Health, Wellness, and Prevention: Physical activity, nutrition and food assistance, oral health, vision health, hearing, tobacco use, falls
  • Volunteerism: Volunteering status and information
  • Caregiver Support: Caregiver status, time commitment, reason for being a caregiver
  • Independent Living: Transportation and mobility, assistance with in-home needs, emergency preparedness, best practices for communicating with older adults, isolation, elder abuse, physical environment
  • Community: Rural or urban, importance of aging in place
  • Demographics: County, age, race, gender, income level, education level, employment status

Because survey responses are anonymous, you must complete your survey in one visit. Your responses will be lost if you close your browser window before completing the survey. Clicking “done” at the end of the survey means that your responses will be successfully saved and recorded in the survey tool. If you accidentally close your window before completing the survey, please start a new survey.

We value your perspective and greatly appreciate your participation in this important survey effort.

Stephanie M. Loucka
Director, Ohio Department of Aging

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Avatar  Susanne K Lewis 2 years ago

I am a 67 year old senior citizen. I am disabled and on Passport. I have a problem getting out in society due to not being able to drive my car and transport my wheelchair. I have an amputated left leg but I still can drive. I can get into my car with a walker but to go inside anywhere I have to have my wheelchair. I would like to see a program that would help seniors that are disabled and have a financial disability to have their own transportation if they are capable. Mentally I am very well and it is discouraging to have to stay home all the time.

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